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January July
1) Favorite Livebearers
2) Favorite Egglayers
1) Fish "T" shirts - Must Be Worn
2) Killifish
February August
1) Male Betta (single fish)
2) Open - Any Fish
1) Mollies
2) Open - Any Fish
March September
1) Tetras & Barbs
2) Cichlids
1) Swordtails
2) Pleco / Sucker type fish
April October
1) Guppies
2) Open - Any Fish
1) Angelfish / Dwarf Cichlids
2) Open - (may choose to show single fish)
May November
1) Platies
2) Plants
1) Livebearers - Spawned & Raised
2) Egg Layers - Spawned & Raised
June December
1) Catfish
2) Open - Any Fish (may choose to show single fish)
Party & Awards
The monthly competition is open to all paid members. There will be no charge for entry in the monthly bowl show.
Fish must be displayed in empty drum bowls or clear flat-sided containers only. With one pair of fish per bowl or one fish per bowl where it is called for such as Bettas, large fish or where sexual diversity is not easily determined. The back, side and/or bottom may be painted. No lighting is allowed. Violations of the above rules will result in disqualification of the entry by the Bowl Show Chairman. Any disqualification may be appealed to the presiding officer of the society.

Voting for the monthly bowl show will be done in the following manor:
Every person attending the CAS meeting will be given 1 ticket when he/she come and sign in to the meeting.  The voting for the bowl show winners will be done with the ticket split in half and each half placed on one entry for each of the two category in the bowl show.  You will put ½ of the ticket for your choice of first place in one category and then you will put the second half of the ticket for your choice in the second category. Judges will be the entire group that is present at the CAS meeting. The Bowl Show Committee (Bowl Show Chairman & President of CAS) may eliminate any entry which does not warrant scoring.
Annual awards will be given to entrants scoring the highest number of points during the monthly shows of the competition year. Awards vary year to year.

First Place..............4points

Second Place.........3 points

Third Place.............2 points

In addition, 1 award point per category you enter will be given each month of competition entered regardless of the number of entries by the member. All responsibility for the fish entered is assumed by the entrant. In case of disagreement, these official rules shall govern.
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