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        our luck has run out.
               We still have two losing diamonds. We play the ♦J, covered with the
        queen and ruff in dummy, but East overruffs and returns a trump. This uses up
        dummy’s last trump and we still have a losing diamond in our hand. We’ll have to
        lose that diamond, along with the first trick and the overruff with the ♥K - making
        four (no overtricks).
               It turns out that our beautiful 9-card trump fit did no better than we would
        have done had North just blasted to 4♠. In that contract, he would have lost only
        the ♣A and two trump tricks. Is the moral of the story that a 7-0 fit is as good as a
        5-4 fit? I don’t think so, but sometimes bridge can be a strange game.

        1) As Responder, if you are sure you want to be in game, don’t make any bid
            below game that your partner is allowed to pass.
        2) As opening leader, when you have strength in declarer’s second suit, consider
            a trump lead.
        3) As declarer, when you have tons of losers to dispose of, and trump in dummy
            to trump them with, don’t draw trumps.

                            We Welcome all!!!!!

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