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               Today’s “Real Deal” was dealt by one of my golfing buddies, Marshall Hall.
        He had just come back from a Regional at Sea with Audrey Grant, and couldn’t
        wait to try to win my money on the golf course.

                              Dir: South
                                                      ♦ -
                               ♠Q873                                  ♠J9
                               ♥5                                         ♥K94
                               ♦AQ865                                ♦1097
                               ♣952                                     ♣AQ1086
                                                      ♠ -
                                                      ♣ K74

               When he dealt out these cards, my first reaction was that North was going
        to declare spades (that good seven-card suit jumps out at you).
               South opens 1♥ and North has an interesting responding hand. His hand
        was fun to begin with, but opposite at least five hearts, the value of the North
        hand goes up. The ♥J1086 are now very useful cards. It doesn’t take much to
        envision a grand slam (picture the North hand opposite the ♥AKQxx and the
        ♣A, for
               North should be in no hurry. Rather than raise hearts, why not show that
        seven-card spade suit to start. 1♠ is fine (forcing one round, of course).
               South has an easy rebid of 2♦ and now North has choices. Is it time to
        raise hearts? Probably so. To what level? With all that shape and great support,
        North should insist on game. As to how to count his hand - I’d say 9 HCP + “lots”
        for shape.  Marty Bergen advocates counting a void this way when supporting:
        With 3-card support, count it as 3 points; with 4-card support, count it as 4 points.
        You could also count for the long spades.  Any way you look at it, North has
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