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                 As we move into the stormy summer months, we expect
          a greater frequency of intense rain, hope to avoid the devastation
          of hurricanes, and try to prepare our homes and family should the
          worst come our way. Here in the Tampa Bay area, quick shifts in
          wind patterns and water temperature sometimes combine unexpectedly
          to create uncomfortable conditions for us all.
                 It is important to pay attention to atmosphere both outside
          and inside the bridge club.
                 My personal aim and hope for the club is that it fulfills its
          mission: To provide an enjoyable and comfortable experience
          for all levels of bridge player in the St. Petersburg area. It is the
          atmosphere we create together which helps to make the club as
          good as it can be.
                 Want to share in our sunshine?  Just take a look at the happy
          and hopeful faces in the photos of this year’s kids bridge camp.
          Classes took full advantage of our newly redecorated “Annex”
          room. Many thanks to Merry Schainblatt and her teacher support
          team of Joanne Wharton, Adrienne Muslin, and Lisbeth Wagner.

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