The Red Angel story as far as I am concerned is a very interesting one. It has been a very hush-hush topic as to where they came from; who was doing what and a lot of people have given up on them. Folks, I have been in this hobby since time began…….actually in the early 1950’s I remember changing the water in my mother’s betta bowl. OK….that means I was around when the “Naja Gold Angel” came out. This was a silver angel that when it was about the size of a 50 cent piece started to turn Gold (help.....1968-1970???). It kept turning until it was completely Gold and then stayed that way until it died. About 2-3 years after that the real gold angel came out and was the success it was until now! Connected stories.......????????? I don't know! The Red Angel does the opposite in it’s coloring.

First of all their eggs are red. That's different from a regular angel! My first pair (4-5 years ago) were in a tank of Apisto. cacatuoides and I really thought the apistos had laid the eggs and the angels took them “over”.....the eggs were that red. It wasn’t until 3-4 weeks later when the fry were starting to develop that two things were evident……….1) They were red and 2) they were angels. They were the niftiest angel fry I had seen in many, many years with the color of bright pink and red gills showing (the blusher trait). They all had blackish charcoal on the dorsal and anal fins. They were tremendous……….see the picture……….but alas when they were the size of a large silver dollar they began their change into a blue blushing angel…….except the body carried the pinkish cast instead of the “blue” cast…….and once there was a “jumper”……..a full adult ended up on the carpet and dried before I got home and when I came in I didn’t know what red fish had jumped. The dead fish showed red flesh!!!

There is something about this fish that is going to “break” soon, in my opinion. There are a lot of people “juicing” them of course. Mostly with Red enhancing food……….I’ve seen it. They really turn red…..try it. But of course the red intensity goes away after you stop feeding it the food for a week or two. But it's important to realize that the red enhancing food can't create a red color where there isn't can't turn to red that which is blue or green!!!!!

That’s the strain I know and enjoy and that’s the strain I sold for years and that’s the strain I first got from the Czech. Folks last November as witness the photo I took of those fish……see the picture! I had found them again and was I happy to have them again. Fast forward to now. I ordered 50 more Red Angels from the Czech. fellow again assuming the same strain..... but this time I got the following……….see the picture 1see the picture 2…….folks! Look at the bellies…..they are pink. They do not however have the charcoal dorsal and anal fins. I don’t know what to tell you about this strain except they have not had ANY color food and they are holding this color. I don’t know if this strain will turn that KINDA blue blusher as an adult or not.......I don't think so!

..........this came from a customer about the Red Angels #2:
"The angels are waaaaay cool! I saw the pic on your website last night and
was a little bit bummed because they didn't look a whole lot different than
a plain old gold angel. I was afraid I had bought some expensive, common
fish. When I released them into the tank I couldn't believe it. The red
iridescence on the bellies and even their backs on up into the dorsal fin is
incredible!! I can't wait until these guys get some size on them!!! If they
gain more color as they mature (as most angels do) they should be quite
spectacular when the grow up. I just can't tell you how excited I am about

I am going to keep 7-8-9 and keep both strains going AND I am going to cross the two strains. Let’s find out! I’m excited but I am here to tell you all I know because there are a lot of false stories going around about these fish......and a lot of claims that aren't true! Ask me anything you wish! I will be getting more of BOTH strains now that I know there are two different breeders and red angel strains! Actually there is a 3rd........some American's are working from a Koi base!

You now know everything I know about the New Red Angel strains. Feel free to call and talk. I would love to do that. I will tell you all I know. Again……no picture I have taken are enhanced in ANY way or re-touched in any way!

Mike Jacobs 727-867-6140